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Our Vision & Goals

Aviv’s vision is to become a major force in supplying Quality Specialty Products to florists. 

With a team of professional growers that have shown an ability to adjust to the changing market, Aviv is seeing the future in Specialty crops  and large selection.
Leaving the commodity market to the large farms in Africa and becoming a source for harder- to -get- products  that will give the florists the variety they need.

Aviv is thriving to bring to market the best of Israel’s flowers With this vision in mind:

Aviv has positioned itself as a leader in the flower industry in Israel,  

Aviv is  now working towards giving  its growers the best marketing, sales and logistic services available.

Aviv, with its recent investments in digital technology – is now ready  to partner with  your web shops to offer Israel’s best to your customers

More about our philosophy:

Aviv views the changes in the global cut flowers industry as an opportunity for the Israeli growers to grow and specialize in niche products.

Aviv’s management and growers understand that the migration of the“ commodity” cut flowers to Africa forced  the Israeli growers to stop growing “commodity” products for lack of profitability

Niche products and other products that are not easily grown in Africa are our niche market. Israel havea large production of Wax flowers , Winter Anemone, Winter Ranunculus, Pittosporum and Ruscus but also small crops that are grown by one or several growers like Poney , Phlox and others.

Another trend that is embraced by Aviv is the transition to digital clocks and online trade. The new world grower that wants to survive in the digital era needs to adjust to the new rules : supply of very high quality flowers with consistent results year round, so the online buyer will be able to develop trust in the product. To get to this point the growers need to raise the bar by improving presentation , vase life,  flexibility of packaging, and more.

Aviv launched its new quality brand “ Harmonie “ to fulfill the market need for reliability.


Israel Headquarters

Tel: +972-4-6126000
Location: Gesher Ha'etz Street 27, Ind. Park Emek Hefer

Netherlands Branch

Sales manager:
Mrs. Arnona van Faassen
Tel. +31-6-216 150 03
Location: Flora Holland auction

Germany Branch

Branch manager:
Mr. Sjaak Verkade
Tel.+ 49-2839-59-1895 

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