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AVIV exports the highest quality fresh flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables to customers around the world.


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Logistics at Aviv – From the Grower to the Buyer under Full Control

The logistics system at Aviv is one of the mainstays of the company as well as a crucial and strategic link in our customer service. The logistics chain begins at the packing house of the flower grower and concludes at the various auctions or wholesale warehouses in Europe.

The logistics system at Aviv is supported by forward centers – branches of Aviv in Europe, including two logistics centers in Holland at Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, and an additional center in Germany ----. These branches enable operational flexibility and provision of immediate responses to customers of the company.

Aviv coordinates and organizes collection of the produce, which waits in cold storage until transportation. The trucks belonging to Aviv and those of the subcontractors are all refrigerated and are completely suited from all aspects to ensure the safe arrival of the produce to the logistics center in Emek Heffer. Aviv's logistics center is equipped with rapid refrigeration systems that enable fast reduction of temperature for each shipment requiring it.

The logistics system of Aviv utilizes the most advanced technologies for follow-up and control of the continuity of temperature throughout the logistics chain. In other words, Aviv has the capability of knowing whether, at any of the stages of transportation the chain of refrigeration was not, for whatever reason, maintained.

During 2013 Aviv purchased a categorization and sorting system for the flower produce arriving at the logistics center. This system is supported by the most up-to-date technologies and has the capacity to handle more than 500 cartons per hour. The produce of the growers is automatically recognized by means of barcode readers that verify all the details of the shipment, the weight of the produce and the volume are also measured in a constantly mechanized manner and are added to the other details of the shipment. The sorting array routes, according to the barcodes, the cartons to their endpoints, so that the contents do not need to be opened until arrival at their final destinations.

All the flower produce destined for shipment to Europe undergoes a strict security examination similar to the inspections at airports worldwide.

Produce intended for transactions and produce under the "Harmonie" brand name undergoes meticulous quality assurance inspection to ensure the highest quality standard of Aviv. Recently, in fact, Aviv implemented innovative technology that facilitates disinfection of the flowers in a sealed room – the significance of which is zero pests with 100% certainty. Aviv's quality array is also supported by arrays for unloading flowers at Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer, where, in practice, the capability exists to inspect each bouquet separately.

At the height of the marketing season, Aviv operates by means of three cargo airlines to three central destinations in Europe: Liège, Paris and Cologne at a frequency of 14 weekly flights. If necessary, additional freight is dispatched on direct passenger flights. Agricultural produce with extended shelf lives is shipped to Europe in maritime containers to three different destinations at a frequency of 2—3 weekly shipments.

Control of the entire logistics operations at Aviv is accomplished by means of an advanced ERP information system deployed throughout the branches of the company in Europe, at the logistics center and, of course, at the company headquarters. All the logistics procedures find expression online within the information system and, in fact, facilitate complete control and supervision of the entire process. The transparency of the logistics data is full and every link in the logistics chain can extract data immediately with any occurrence.

The information system enables analysis and production of management reports of any cross-section for the purpose of further development of the company.

Israel Headquarters

Tel: +972-4-6126000
Location: Gesher Ha'etz Street 27, Ind. Park Emek Hefer

Netherlands Branch

Sales manager:
Mrs. Arnona van Faassen
Tel. +31-6-216 150 03
Location: Flora Holland auction

Germany Branch

Branch manager:
Mr. Sjaak Verkade
Tel.+ 49-2839-59-1895 

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