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Aviv and its HARMONIE brand deliver the highest quality cut flowers and premium fresh produce to a diverse worldwide customer base.

Headquartered in Israel, we provide custom solutions via our subsidiaries and representatives in Europe, America and Asia, as well as direct sales from our highly advanced Web shop.

Our Lines of Products

cut flowers

We supply an extensive, year-round offering of fresh cut flowers, fillers and foliage, including specialty crops and hard-to-get products.
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Fresh Produce

We specialize in providing an extensive range of fruit and vegetables, including premium exotic produce. We combine mix loads as per client order.


Next Gen Agriculture

We believe the future of agriculture lies in large selection and specialty products.
Our Harmonie Brand was established to promote agricultural innovation and R&D and provide growers and customers with new products and services – from improved crops to related technologies.

An Elite Team of Growers

Aviv and its HARMONIE brand were founded and developed in close collaboration with our team of growers.
Comprised of top Israeli breeders, our team pays close attention to all aspects of the growing cycle to ensure consistently outstanding results.

Dynamic Global Reach

Aviv and its HARMONIE brand operate globally via our subsidiaries and representatives in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, and the Asia. Utilizing state-of-the-art supply chain management and logistics, our branches deliver the best of Israel's flowers and fresh produce, as well as a comprehensive solution and promotional knowledge. Our Web shop also facilitates direct deal-making between our customers and growers, as well as Buy Now auction purchase optionality.

Let’s Do Great Things Together.

Delphinium Chinensis Fashion Blue

VBN code 122818
Lengths 50-80 cm
Available from now till approx. week 22

More colors to follow: Lavender, Pink and White

Mini Citrus Combination

Fully edible and decorative.
Distinguished in a way they can be eaten completely without the need to peel.

Kumquats & Limequats are refreshing Winter/Spring seasonal fruits


Rumors say that the Citron :
• Helps regulate blood pressure.
• Helps protect you from oxidative stress.
• Works as an analgesic.
• May help fight against infections.
The product is available to order, until the end of March.

Chamecordia Rey

The amazing Rey is available to order 

VBN code: 121561

Israel Headquarters

Marketing  manager, Flowers  division: Mr. Roei Cohen
Marketing  manager, Fresh produce division: Mr. Avi Bar
Tel: +972-4-6126000
Location: Gesher Ha'etz Street 27, Ind. Park Emek Hefer

Netherlands Branch

Sales manager:
Mrs. Arnona van Faassen
Tel. +31-6-216 150 03
Location: Flora Holland auction

Germany Branch

Sales manager:
Mrs. Estie Amar
Tel.: +49 2839 591890
Location: Rhein maas auction
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